Oscilloscope for Raspberry Typ B

DVM + Scope + Datalogger running on Raspberry  PC

Raspberry is now ready for the AATiScope. Only minimal hardware is necessary to let the Raspberry work as a 4-channel DVM, scope or datalogger.

Shortest rate: 0,5 s
Resolution: 8 bit
4 A/D-Inputs: 0 - 5 V

A SER-USB-converter is required to connect the circuit to the USB-port of the Rasberry.

>>Download free AATiScope-software for Rasbian

How to calibrate

Apply a known voltage (0-5 V) to one of the analog inputs and use the up-down-button to calibrate all channels at once. The calibration value is stored in PICAD.CAL.

You don't want to search for all the parts?

A complete kit including pcb and programmed pic (see picture below) is available from www.aatis.de. An overvoltage protection for the analog inputs is on board.



What? Where?

 WINDOWS version
(XP, WIN7)
  •  Over- und undervoltage alert (adjustible)
  •  °C-scale
  •  Simple to calibrate
  •  Highspeed function (1 k sample/s)

etbook version
für WINDOWS 1024x600 

aatiscope-nb für
 Raspberry version Download

 UBUNTU versions


 tested with
  • UBUNTU 10.04 lucid
  • LUBUNTU 11.04   
Download aatiscope-11.06

Download aatiscope-11.11

 How to program the aatiscope in PYTHON
Felix-Klein-Gymnasium in Göttingen >>
 Detailled description  (firmware, handshake-parameters...)
Praxisheft 21 des AATiS >>
 Kit AATiScope "AS621" (pcb and connectors incl.)
AATiS Bauteileversand >>
 Questions, firmware for PIC 12F675